Expert Flooring Advice

  • Expert Flooring Advice for Facilities Managers
  • The new eBook includes valuable advice on a multitude of flooring issues.

Expert Flooring Advice for Facilities Managers

25 Feb 2014

  • Flowcrete Middle East understands the crucial role of facilities managers.
  • The new eBook includes valuable advice on a multitude of flooring issues.
  • Crucial details include weighing up the cost of flooring over the building’s lifetime.

Flowcrete Middle East has produced an educational eBook to help facilities managers reach an informed decision when specifying a new floor.

Entitled "Taking the Headache Out of Flooring Specification for Facilities Managers", the eBook details the key challenges and considerations that arise when choosing a floor for new-build or refurbishment projects in either industrial or commercial locations.

Flowcrete Middle East understands the crucial role of facilities managers in planning for and dealing with the day-to-day operational challenges of large-scale sites, especially if the obstacles vary across multi-purpose, multi-unit buildings.

Therefore this resource has been designed to allow facilities professionals to make use of advice and in-depth information from a global expert on resin flooring, so that they can better understand the practicalities and benefits of different solutions when going through the specification process.

Vik Vithlani, Flowcrete Middle East Sales Director, said: “Every facilities manager wants to know how they can ensure their buildings are up to the task they face – whether that includes intensive manufacturing, large numbers of visitors, providing a complex service like healthcare or allowing for highly specialised activity such as scientific research. 

“And in every situation the choice of flooring can have significant consequences to the operational ability of the building. Failing floors can create unhygienic, unsafe surfaces, were as the right floor will provide a reliable platform which could even add to the quality of the environment, such as with built in antimicrobial additives, an aesthetic coating or antistatic properties.”

The new eBook includes valuable advice on a multitude of flooring issues, from how to ensure a safe and hygienic finish, understanding the problems that can arise from chemical exposure, how to incorporate signage, implementing a robust cleaning regime and how to get added operational benefits from the floor.

The important considerations that decision makers need to think through are also highlighted. These crucial details include weighing up the cost of flooring over the building’s lifetime and the cost of refurbishments in the case of floor failure, what health and safety action needs to be taken and putting effective plans in place in case of chemical spillages.

Useful tips and techniques are included in the new eBook, such as minimising the financial impact of refurbishment downtime with a fast-cure flooring solution. By utilising MMA technology floors can be trafficable mere hours after application, in comparison to the days or weeks that it would usually take before follow on work or productive activity could commence.

The wide range of flooring options and the complexity of different systems means that whilst the right solution might be out there, it’s difficult to always identify it. Flowcrete Middle East’s eBook is the ideal starting point for any facilities manager looking to enhance their understanding of flooring and ultimately make the best possible decision during the specification process. 


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