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Flooring That Stands the Test of Time: Flowshield SL at Jumbo Electronics

Jumbo Electronics, the UAE’s leading distributor and retailer for IT and consumer electronics has been supported by a Flowcrete Middle East floor for over five years.

The sky-blue Flowshield SL surface applied within its after-sales repair service centre in Jebel Ali, Dubai has facilitated an effective and hygienic working environment over this time, allowing Jumbo Electronics to conduct its daily operational activity safe in the knowledge that the floor beneath its employees’ feet will maintain a level, colourful and clean finish. 

As a distributor of many prestigious brands, including Sony, Acer, Casio, Dyson, HP and Lenovo, it was essential that a commitment to quality be maintained throughout every aspect of the site. The high performance, self-smoothing resin floor finish Flowshield SL met the company’s high standards, as it would be able to withstand the foot traffic, frequent movement of heavy pallet trucks and point loading from stored produce for the long term – an attribute that has more than stood up to the test of time as it has been subjected to rigorous use for over half a decade now.

Failing to maintain a seamless, unblemished surface would have resulted in Jumbo Electronics facing an increased risk from trips, slips and bacterial contamination while also presenting an unsightly appearance to staff and visitors.

The maintenance team at Jumbo Electronics are able to keep the floor looking its best by sweeping and mopping it at regular intervals. This easy-to-clean nature stems from the fact that Flowshield SL is seamless and impervious, therefore making it quick and simple to remove any dirt, grime or contaminants that end up on the floor.

Jumbo Electronics have closely followed Flowcrete Middle East’s cleaning and maintenance recommendations to ensure that the floor lasts for as long as possible and that the facility gets the best return for its investment over this time period.

The cleaning guide particularly stresses the importance of regular cleaning in order to remove fine particles of dust, dirt and debris that can settle on the floor and which will act as an abrasive when combined with traffic. By ensuring that the finish is frequently cleaned, Jumbo Electronics has avoided this abrasive action from occurring and effectively protected the integrity of the flooring system.

Project Details

  • Client: Jumbo Electronics
  • Products: Industrial Flooring
  • Market Sector: Electronics, Manufacturing
  • Location: Dubai, UAE
  • Year: 2009

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